Sneak peek into my post processing kitchen

September 17, 2021  •  2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you an example of my work manaement and mainly what I can edit in Photoshop.

Often clients don't think there is much to edit and all you need is a good camera. Well, the reality is, the camera itself won't take great photos, with a preparation for the photo session there are many more steps that follow.. In my case, it is years of experience, education and use of different equipment and techniques that help me create my images (e.g. lighting, reflectors, make-up fix, backdrops, props, styling and posing). When I export the RAW files onto my PC, I first go through all images taken (always more than 100 photos for each photo session) and I delete unusable images (blurred, not sharp, the person closed their eyes, unflattering poses etc.).

Once all the above is done, I apply first edit TO ALL remaining images (this includes colour management, enhacements, sharpening, cropping etc.). I then export pre-edited images and share an online gallery with a client. They will choose their final images based on their chosen photo package but also have an option to purchase additional photographs.

When I receive the finalised order I apply the final edit (see the animation below). You would think what do I need to edit on a child's portrait? I fix the hair (hanging around or in the face), make the perfect hair bun, "slim"down the shoes to fit the ballerina's feet and I also adjust the colours, lights and shadows plus sharpen the photo. I export all photos in high res (ready to print particular size) and low resolution quality suitable for sharing online (these inlude my watermark). If you wanted to see a GIF where the edits are played as before and after please head to my FACEBOOK page or INSTAGRAM profile.

So this is what I do when I create my photos that I love sharing with you all 🥰



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She is looking much cute in her dress and also with her hair clips.
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Thanks for sharing your experience of having classy photos with more than just a camera.
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