Listed below are a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from our previous clients that has helped them fully prepare and make the whole experience more enjoyable and ultimately results in the best photo output possible for all our clients to cherish forever. 

Q. How can we find out more? I have some more questions that were not among the FAQ.

A. Thanks for your interest in our work!  Please fill out the info on our contact form (Click CONTACT above) and we’ll get back to you shortly or email us directly to [email protected]


Q. Where are you based?

A. We are based in Sydney's Upper North Shore, a green and leafy suburb called Wahroonga, near Hornsby & Thornleigh. We have a fully equipped photo studio with many different backdrops and props. We take bookings (Click BOOKINGS above) for studio photo sessions but we also travel for location shoots (your home, local parks and beaches) usually around the North Shore or Central Coast. If you are interested in booking us for other locations photo shoots, please fill the contact form (click CONTACT above) and we will be with your shortly.


Q. How do I book a photo session?

A. Click on the PRICING tab above and choose the type of photography you are interested in. Confirm by clicking on BOOK NOW to secure your chosen photo session. Please note that photo session is payment for the time taken to setup, photograph, plus travel time and/ or studio use. From our experience clients do not wish to choose particular amount of images buy prior to the photo session as they do not know how many images they will like. Therefore you will have a choice of individual purchases or value bundle packages after the photoshoot. We do NOT have a minimum order policy, you do not have to purchase any images or you can just buy one image. You can choose to buy prints & digitals, prints only or digitals only.


Q. What is your experience and how many years have you been in business?

A. We opened our studio in August 2013 after growing interest into Gina's photos from friends and Gina was asked to take corporate headshots for two companies in based Sydney's CBD. We are a husband and wife team, he is behind all the technical magic and he has put together this amazing website that allows our customers (You!) to sign in, see and order their photos. This was particularly important as we work with many preschools, 
schools, plus ballet and dance studios, where large number of photographs have to be distributed to multiple families and privacy is paramount.

Gina, the principal photographer, has always been in love with taking and printing photos and she has given up her corporate banking career for becoming a photographer. She has a Diploma of Photo Imaging from CATC Design School (Torrens University Australia) and has won many awards during her career.


Q. Do you have a repeat clients?

A. Yes, we definitely do and that is also how why we offer certain types of photo sessions e.g. BUMP to NEWBORN to 1ST BIRTHDAY. Why is that? Because we want to capture multiple milestones for our clients whether it is engagement, newborn, smash the cake and family photos or just an updated photo for their resume / LinkedIn profile. On few occasions we have agreed to capture weddings of our clients as they have loved our previous work and wanted us to be there to capture lifetime memories of their very special day. 


Q. When will I be able to see and choose my photos?

A. My current turn around time is around 3.5 - 4 weeks from the final payment to finish editing and provide an online gallery for you to view. Once the secured gallery is online, you will receive a link to your email address and you may then choose your images for prints or purchase a range of available products.


Q. Does your studio have an insurance?

A. Of course! We never leave anything to chance so I am a fully insured photographer with public and product liability insurance cover. 


Q. Why do photographers charge what they charge?

A. Anyone can take a photo but it takes an experienced professional photographer to create a piece of art so consider the skill, style and expertise of the photograph.

Many years of study, knowledge and experience plus many ongoing overhead costs associated with running a photography business, including the high cost of advertising, purchasing and maintaining professional camera equipment, light plus computer software for editing, props and materials, insurances, running of a vehicle to locations and printing companies. There is also time involved to photograph, edit and organise delivery of finished work, paying for training, education and workshops that is ongoing and always evolving with the art of photography not to mention the time it takes to clean a studio and props used after each session. Anyone can take a photo but it takes an experienced professional photographer to create a piece of art so consider the skill, style and expertise of the photograph.


Q. Why should I buy prints from Gina D Photo?

A. Because we want to turn your photos into FINE ART and we know how to do that! We have years of experience and are also fully educated in Photo Imaging and colour management, we know what we are doing. We have an established long term working relationship with leading Australian providers (printing companies and framing services). Each print is being prepared separately for the printing process - from sharpening, cropping and resizing to the right format to converting the image to the correct colour printing profile for the printer that professional photo lab is using. We understand which photo paper to suggest, we can also help you to choose the right photography product based on your expectations and purpose of your image (where you are placing, what is the subject of the photograph etc.). We work with professional photo lab that was established by professional photographer for professional photographers, the images printed there are the highest quality and you will never be able to print your image to this quality with one of the retails printing companies. Taking your USB to other printing companies may not produce the work as it should be printed. The computer and software I edit with is calibrated to print exactly as it should at the professional photo lab. For all these reasons we will be able to create a piece of art for you, a lifetime memory that lasts.


Q. Can I purchase a voucher? What is the expiry?

A. Yes, we offer a range of different vouchers. 


Q. What should we wear for a family photo session?

A. It is important and can be quite challenging as some of your final photos will be end up framed on your wall for you to cherish in the years to come.

Here are few tips to make your decision easier:

  • The general rule is definitely that everyone should dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident. Family photo shoot should be a relaxed and happy experience. Also the clothes should not restrict movement. Some photos can be taken sitting or lying down or generally moving around for candid type of photos.
  • Long gone are the days of everyone in white shirts or when everyone had to be matching. It's more important to choose colours in the same colour scheme. I would suggest to avoid both pure whites and pure blacks, especially together and even more so if you are having your photo session in the studio (most likely there will be white or black background used). If your photo session takes places outdoor consider your background. Once decided it helps to lay all your clothes together to see if it works.
  • If you decide to go shopping for your kids clothes, you can choose clothes within the same colour coordinated colection. It will also save you time from going around many stores trying to find the right match for their outfit.
  • Bring extra set of clothes for babies and small kids in case the clothes gets dirty, accidents happen.
  • The more time you allow yourself, the less stressed you will be, so if you can, plan in advance.
  • You should consider your home decor as the final chosen photo will be most likely hanging in your home on display for a long time.
  • No ones clothes should dominate the photos. The best is to choose solid colours, or only one person has few patterns. Large logos and pictures / photos on shirts should be avoided as well. Strong prints and abstract patterns could definitely overpower your photograph. The same applies for accessories, they should not dominate your photograph.
  • Try to add a texture. Scarves, belts or classic simple accessory will add a little bit more to your image.
  • Select outfits that will help to give your photos timeless feel. Usually the best is to keep it classic and simple as styles come and go.

       Hope these few tips will help you with your decision. And don't forget to have fun :-)


Q. What should I wear for a corporate headshot / portrait photography and why should I update my resume photo? 

A. Social media is playing an important part in our lives, not only on at personal but also professional level.

    Updated #LinkedIn profiles can help you to get the job of your dreams and be approached by head hunters and personal agencies. Update your CV      and complete with new professional headshot. 

    Most frequent questions about corporate headshots:

    What is the best colour to wear for a corporate headshot? 

  • Plain colours are definitely your best choice because patterns and logo's / prints will distract and date your photo. 
  • Pale and light coloured clothes will bounce back a lot of light to the camera which can results in a washed out look and will blend your face into your clothes. The best are mid-tones to darker mid-tones. Try to stick with solid colours or simple patterns, rich and deeper greens, purples and blue are all good.
  • If neutral if preferred, grey is great. Earthy and warm browns are also a good choice. Black and white together can offer too much contrast. If you choose to wear a white shirt, try to combine it with grey or blue suit. 

    What are the main tips for corporate headshots?

  • keep it SIMPLE, less is always more
  • avoid too casual unless it is the look that you are going for
  • avoid old and worn out clothing
  • dress like your boss
  • feature multiple outfits
  • avoid busy and small patterns


Q. When is the best time to have a maternity photo session?

A. It can be quite individual and up to you, but we recommend towards the end of third trimester. Ideally between 28-35 weeks.


Q. What should I wear for maternity photo session?

A. A floaty dress in a solid colour, chiffon, or other floaty and light fabrics works brilliantly. Otherwise, wear anything that makes you feel comfortable and great! Please, try to avoid bold patterns and distracting logos. If you are not sure, I have a few custom made maternity dresses available for hire. Please feel free to contact me for a consultation on what to wear if required.


Q. When should I book a newborn photo session?

A. Generally, newborn photo sessions are recommended to be taken during the first 12 days of age with the optimum time being between 4 - 10 days. This is because babies are the sleepiest and easiest to settle during this time. Photo sessions held after 12 days frequently run longer as babies are harder to settle and more awake, aware of the surroundings, Mum's absence, etc., so this is something to take into consideration. Also, babies like to curl up beautifully before 12 days so many of the images in baskets or on posing backdrops work best during this time. The “head in hands” or “froggy” pose composite images are definitely suitable mainly for babies under 12 days of age. Babies have to be very relaxed and in a deep sleep to achieve this pose which involves adult support and composing two images in Photoshop post production.


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